The Multi-Dimensional Benefits of a Privacy Fence

Most homeowners know that installing a privacy fence is a great way to keep prying eyes and nosy neighbors away from their property. But there are many other less obvious benefits that can be realized from a well-designed privacy fence.

1. It Helps to Define Property Boundaries
Having a clear-cut property boundary is always important, especially when it comes to your home and yard. There are a number of disputes that can arise between neighbors over things like lawn mower placement and garbage cans, or even just the simple fact that someone’s car is parked in your driveway. A privacy fence helps to clear up any confusion over where your yard ends and theirs begins.

2. It Increases the Value and Reputation of Your Property

A fence is a great way to add curb appeal to your home, as they are available in a wide variety of styles and materials that can match the look of your house. Plus, a good quality wood or vinyl privacy fence will also last for years to come with minimal maintenance. This will make your home a standout in the neighborhood, which can lead to higher property values and a faster resale.

3. It Protects From Noise and Wind
A privacy fence can help to muffle the noise of traffic or neighboring barking dogs, which can be quite disruptive to a backyard relaxation or outdoor living space. In addition, a privacy fence can help to reduce the impact of high winds that can damage landscaping or other features on your property.

4. It Prevents Break-Ins
Having a privacy fence is one of the most effective ways to prevent burglaries in your area. Thieves are much more likely to target homes that are easy to see into, or that have no fencing at all. A well-installed privacy fence can create a visual barrier that will be enough to keep would-be thieves away from your home and your valuables.

5. It Can Decrease Your Homeowner Insurance Rates
If you are able to demonstrate that your privacy fence has helped to limit the risk of burglary on your property, you can often receive a substantial discount on your homeowner’s insurance premium. This can end up saving you a significant amount of money over the course of your coverage, which can easily offset the cost of a high-quality privacy fence.

6. It Can Be Used as a Plant Shelter
In addition to protecting your privacy and enhancing the look of your yard, a privacy fence can provide shelter for your plants. Depending on the height of your privacy fence, it can help to shield your flowers, shrubs and other plants from high winds. This can be particularly beneficial for delicate varieties that can’t handle a lot of wind, or for larger-leafed tropical plants that need some shade during the day.

There are a number of other not-so-obvious benefits that can be gained from a privacy fence, but these are some of the most common. A good-quality wood or vinyl privacy fence can be an excellent addition to any property, providing both a safe and attractive environment in which you can relax and enjoy your outdoor living spaces. If you need privacy fence, your local fence professional in Milwaukee can help you design a custom fence that perfectly suits your needs and your lifestyle.