Restoring Roof Function and Aesthetics

One of the most critical parts of a building is the roof. It is exposed to the elements and is often the most vulnerable part of the building. Weather can cause significant damage to a roof, and many building owners assume the best solution is to replace the entire structure. However, there are often simpler ways to restore a damaged roof and strengthen it against further damage.

Damaged roofs can also lead to water damage and leaks. Taking care of them quickly can prevent further damage to the rest of your house. If you’re in the upper midwest, you’re probably familiar with storms that cause roof damage. These storms often come with high winds, hail storms, and even tornadoes.

In addition to evaluating the severity of the damage, the general appearance of the roof can provide valuable clues as to how much work is needed to restore it. Roofers may use binoculars to scan the area, or they can walk around the structure of a flat roof looking for signs of discoloration or dislocation. In either case, the general appearance of the roof will provide the best indication of the damage.

Compared to total replacement, roof restoration requires less materials and labor. It also reduces energy bills by extending the life of the existing roof. Moreover, it enhances the quality of water that runs off the roof. If you’re considering restoring a roof, you may also want to consider installing a rainwater tank on it.

To restore a damaged roof, you should hire a roofing company that has experience in this type of restoration. Make sure to choose a licensed and insured company to do the job. Some roofing company specialize in the restoration of shingle systems, while others specialize in EPDM or built-up roofs.

While it may be tempting to attempt to restore a damaged roof yourself, you should remember that some damages are too extensive to repair. A tree may have fallen on your roof, causing a large hole. Otherwise, the damage could have affected the structural integrity of your home. If you’re worried that a tree might fall on your roof, seek residential roofing professional help immediately.

Before attempting to restore your damaged roof, make sure you have a professional inspect the condition of the roof to ensure that the repair is done correctly. They’ll be able to determine what materials and coatings are best for your roof. A professional roof inspection should also be done annually to make sure that your roof is still in good shape.

Depending on the extent of the damage to the roof, restoration can be a more cost-effective solution than a full roof replacement. It may even delay the need for full replacement by several years.