Dental Crowns & Bridges Are Your Key to a Complete Smile

Dental Crowns  Bridges

A gap in your tooth can not only affect the look of your teeth but also your confidence. When you have a gap in your teeth, it becomes more difficult to smile and talk with other people. This can even lead to more problems and health issues in the long run.

If you are looking for a solution to fill in that gap, the best dental implant specialist can provide you with a bridge or crown to restore your teeth back to their full functionality and appearance. Whether you are missing one or more teeth, your dentist in Sarasota can help you get the restorative treatment that is right for you.

Bridges are a common option for patients who have lost one or more teeth in a row. They consist of a series of artificial teeth that are attached to a metal or porcelain framework.

In the first visit, your dentist will prepare the abutment teeth on both sides of the missing space to accept the new bridge. This involves recontouring these teeth and removing a portion of their enamel to allow room for the bridge. This process will also involve taking an impression of the abutment teeth to provide your dentist with an exact model from which they can make your bridge and crowns in a dental lab.

After these two visits, your dental professional will cement your new bridge in place. Depending on the type of bridge that your dentist has chosen, this will take two more visits.

What Are the Differences Between Crowns & Bridges?

The main difference between dental crowns and bridges is that the former only covers a single tooth, while the latter replaces multiple missing teeth.

Crowns are made from a variety of materials, including gold alloys and base metal alloys. Both types of crowns are designed to last for years with proper oral hygiene and regular checkups and cleanings.

Porcelain is the most natural-looking option for restoring teeth and is used by our dental professionals when possible to ensure that your restorations are as lifelike as possible. During your appointments, we will discuss which material is best for your unique situation and help you choose the best crown for your smile.

Our expert dental implants specialists can evaluate your needs and recommend a restorative treatment that will help you achieve a brighter, healthier, and more attractive smile. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment!

How Long Do Crowns & Bridges Last?

Although both crowns and bridges are designed to be durable, they can become loose and fall off over time. This can be due to decay that gets underneath the crown or bridge, or it can be because of normal wear-and-tear on the teeth on either side of the crown or bridge.

Thankfully, both crowns and bridges are highly customizable and can be made to fit your unique smile. Your restorative dentist can change the color, shape, and size of your crown or bridge to match the rest of your teeth.