Month: October 2022

Repair & Construction

Increase the Value of Your Home with a New Shingle Roof

During shingle Roof Installation, roofers will start at the lower edge of the roof and work their way up to the ridge. First, the installers will install the first course of shingles, which will overlap the drip edge by 1/2 to 3/4 inch. They will then use roofing nails to secure the shingles to the […]

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Graphic Design & Printing

Promotional Products Printing- How to Choose the Right Products for Your Needs

When you think of Promotional Products Printing, you probably picture full-color items. You may also imagine a company’s logo or tagline printed in the same way. This type of printing uses full-color digital printing technology and requires fewer materials. Full-color printing is also called color burst, CMYK printing, or 4-color process printing. Full-color printing is […]

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Build & Repair

Important Things to Know About Floor Installation

If you’re planning to install a new floor, you should keep several things in mind before you begin. First of all, you must get a valid certificate of occupancy (CO). Also, you need to make sure that you are following all the relevant building codes and zoning regulations. Finally, you need to obtain business insurance. […]

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